SK Lorenzen/Monument Photography

Hi! My name is Scott Lorenzen… Laurence-sen, it’s Danish :)

I get out of bed everyday to deliver marketable, artistic images of architectural, industrial and landscape compositions wherever they may be. It is through the light around me that I find the freedom to create and express what I see. I love to be engaged with the process of artistic composition for the sake of visual story-telling, and that is how I find the best presentations for my client’s work. I reside off-grid in the rural, rustic, and remote desert art community of Borrego Springs, but I work as a local wherever I go. The extensive travel I get to do for work helps to keep the mojo alive, as do my trusty canine side-kicks Timber & Jib who are ready to saddle-up at a moments notice!

I will also get out of bed for a good cup of coffee, and if I’m in the neighborhood I’d love to go grab a cup anytime and share some recent work!

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